vSphere 7 Lifecycle Manager - Can’t Sync the HCL

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After upgrading vCenter 6.7 to 7.0 for one of my customer, I had a strange issue where I could not Sync the HCL with the Lifecycle Manager in vCenter 7.0

LCM sync HCL

Im ny situation, the task was stuck at 10% and failing afterwards with the error “A general system error occcured…”

Error HCL

Looking at the logs (/var/log/vmware/vmware-updatemgr/vum-server/vmware-vum-server.log), it was really difficult to find something relevant but it looks like the download was failing.

20-06-23T10:09:55.200Z error vmware-vum-server[28017] [Originator@6876 sub=com.vmware.vcIntegrity.hcl.UpdateHclDatastoreTask] Task:com.vmware.vcIntegrity.hcl.UpdateHclDatastoreTask ID:52b92e6b-1b4c-1584-c1ad-da57f7571f88. Task Failed. Error: Error:
-->    com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.error
--> Messages:
-->    com.vmware.vcIntegrity.hcl.vvs.unreachable.summary
-->    com.vmware.vcIntegrity.hcl.vvs.unreachable.resolution

Looking at the tasks, I found out that VMware use multile python scripts in the following directory /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/config/

Thanks to my buddy Y.Ilmi for guiding me to the specific script called vvs-config.json.

This script provides the URL that VMware use to download the hcl : vvs.esp.vmware.com


vCenter was unable to reach the URL (use curl to test it) I asked the security team to grant access.

Problem solved!